In Love & Light vol III releases

Been at it again and after many years of recording and writing and rewriting mastering and remastering and all the things that go into a thoughtful production of art I can finally say it is ready for release. Featuring many new artists and talents such as the percussionist Pezhham Arkvass, the vocalist Sonja Drakulich, harpist Diana Rowan, , and returning once again to the series vocalist Aida Shahghasemi, Bauback Yeganeh and Dominique Pe’lerin.

In Love & Light vol II releases

After many many years of work and rework "In Love & Light vol 2" is finally ready for release... it has been too long and I apologize for the length of time it took to complete this one but I hope you enjoy it. There is much to tell you about this one and for starters I think it measures up to volume one which was no easy task. Many of the same vocalists and musicians are a part of volume 2 but there are also some new collaborators to tell you abo

Dj’ing for Jai Uttal Miami Beach Event

I was invited to Dj with Jai Uttal for his live Kirtan (sacred ancient hindu chants) performance in South Beach Miami. My mission was to listen through 20 years of Jai material and remix his songs that spoke to me into an hour and a half of original trance dance remix material. I literally created a remix album that took me about three weeks of dedicated focus to complete. Hopefully once all the licensing issues get worked out we can release the album and maybe peel a few singles off along the way. I have been wanting to connect with the Yoga community for some time and as if the universe my calling this opportunity arose and I am so looking forward to sharing these remixes with his audience and fans.  

San Francisco recording sessions

Took a much needed trip out to San Francisco to record music for the upcoming In Love & Light volume 3 release. I was able to record with Devika Chawla (Hindi vocals), Mete Tasin (operatic vocals), Diana Rowan (celtic harp), and Pezzham Arkavas (setar, tabla). I recorded at Ron's studio which I rented for three days but was put out for one as a company in the slot next door was painting with some horrible high VOC paints that would kill an elephant. I managed to still get some great recordings completed and a new song was born called 'Here and Now' that DC based Dominique added her voice to once I got back in Miami. Below are some recording that I made of Diana Rowan doing a mic check and one of Mete Tasin singing a favorite Turkish piece of his. Hopefully getting out to San Francisco in a couple months to do it all again... Love that city!
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