In the Studio with Dominique

I got back from San Francisco with a handful of recordings and this gorgeous harp and setar piece I was working on with Diana and Pezzham. I loaded things up on the studio system and began to work out an arrangement. I got a call from Dominique saying that she was going to be in Miami and that she wanted to sing and that is exactly what I wanted to hear. She came by and I put her behind my new AKG C12 microphone which was going into an Avalon 737 mic pre with fresh tubes installed and I let her do her thing... An hour later we were done and I spent the next couple of days panning for studio gold and a new In Love in Light song was born for volume three, 'Here and Now'. I can't tell you how excited I am for volume three even though I am just getting ready to release volume two... The gorgeous songs just keep coming! Below is a snip of what we recorded that day... you'll have to wait for the full cut once the album is completed..

Featured on Soma FM Greatest Hits vol 2 CD

Got a call from SOMA FM asking me if they could put one of my songs from Tetrasomia on their Greatest Hits vol 2 CD. I of course said yes as Soma has supported my music and I've gotten great airplay and exposure through them playing my Sophie & Ives song 'Awaken' on their Groove Salad station. So refreshing to get support for my downtempo work as I have mostly only gotten it for my dance mixes and at the end of the day the music I am most expressed in is my downtempo works. Check out Soma FM on itunes radio or from their website A favorite station of mine is Groove Salad. You can support their station by buying a Greatest Hits volume 1 or making a contribution, Internet Radio must live on!

Signed with new licensing houses.

In my quest to get a song licensed to a film or TV Series I have signed on with two new licensing houses DMX and Soulside Music. I have taken the stance that having as many boots on the ground looking for opportunities for my music the better the chances of it actually having. Fingers crossed and I will keep on making the best sonic bliss that I can until the notes no longer echo from my heart...
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