In Love & Light vol III releases

Been at it again and after many years of recording and writing and rewriting mastering and remastering and all the things that go into a thoughtful production of art I can finally say it is ready for release. Featuring many new artists and talents such as the percussionist Pezhham Arkvass, the vocalist Sonja Drakulich, harpist Diana Rowan, , and returning once again to the series vocalist Aida Shahghasemi, Bauback Yeganeh and Dominique Pe’lerin.

San Francisco recording sessions

Took a much needed trip out to San Francisco to record music for the upcoming In Love & Light volume 3 release. I was able to record with Devika Chawla (Hindi vocals), Mete Tasin (operatic vocals), Diana Rowan (celtic harp), and Pezzham Arkavas (setar, tabla). I recorded at Ron's studio which I rented for three days but was put out for one as a company in the slot next door was painting with some horrible high VOC paints that would kill an elephant. I managed to still get some great recordings completed and a new song was born called 'Here and Now' that DC based Dominique added her voice to once I got back in Miami. Below are some recording that I made of Diana Rowan doing a mic check and one of Mete Tasin singing a favorite Turkish piece of his. Hopefully getting out to San Francisco in a couple months to do it all again... Love that city!