Awaken – The Remixes

Awaken - The Remixes


  1. 1Awaken (Tad Hutchinson remix)
  2. 2Awaken (Scott Fogelgren remix)
  3. 3Awaken (Original mix)
  4. 4Awaken (J-Punch remix)
  5. 5Awaken (Holmes Ives remix)
  6. 6Awaken (Holmes Ives Dub)
  7. 7Awaken (dR LeCTeR remix)
  8. 8Awaken (Array remix)
  9. 9Awaken (Array Dub)

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With the Sophie & Ives album ‘Untie Me’ Ives has had his best seller and thanks to the support of Soma FM and their station Groove Salad Ives has finally had the recognition he deserves with his downtempo sound and ambient music leanings. ‘Awaken’ in it’s original form is the sound of ‘Love’ being birthed in the heart and Ives just felt he needed to bring that honesty and truth of heart to the club floor which is sometimes wanting of the real thing. So this remix single was born and the likes of J-Punch, Tad Hutchinson and Array were enlisted to remix it as well. Scott Fogelgren does a beautiful chill mix and dR LeCTeR adds something dark and twisted to the story. The original was included in this release and is so worth a listen as is the rest of the ‘Untie Me’ album by Sophie & Ives.