In Love & Light vol I

In Love & Light vol I


  1. 1Charcoal Love
  2. 2Chagrin Perdu
  3. 3So Long
  4. 4Lagrimas Negras
  5. 5Oath To The Muse
  6. 6Te Dijo Te Quiero
  7. 7Ilera Okan
  8. 8Qui Regna
  9. 9Inside Out
  10. 10Hide & Seek
  11. 11Love & Light
  12. 12Rebirth

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“It cradles me…” says Thievery Corporation’s Lou Lou “…a more Emotionally Provocative side of the World Beat Lounge.” Flamenco Guitars. Mediterranean Muses. A rhumba between Bebel Giberto & Sarah Brightman, as if DJ’d by Kruder & Dorfmeister. Reminiscent of those inspiring works from Enigma and Craig Armstrong. In Love and Light brings the emotion back to the beat.


This album is the fourth release from OVA Records, featuring twelve songs in five languages, featuring outstanding, forward thinking artists from the International Lounge, Downtempo, and World Beat scenes who collaborated with composer-producer Holmes Ives to entwine a polished, mercurial album of unrestrained feeling and artistry:

Featuring vocalists. Lou Lou of Thievery Corporation, Sophie Moleta of Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, Six Degrees Records’ Dierdre duBois, Susan Oetgen of Likeness to Lily, D.C.’s own Laura Burhenn, and classical guitarist Bauback Yeganeh, cellist Amy Domingues, percussionist Rex Riddem and tabla player Kelly Cornelius.

shells   rose

From the deepest places of a man’s heart comes a story of Love and of Light. A musical odyssey inspired from his frustrated and unconsummated love for one muse half a world away and by the tragic and untimely death of his close dear friend Kathryn. Devastated, a tidal wave of sound poured from his broken heart. Guided and inspired by a love that transcends even death, this work honors and reflects the spirit and energy of this amaranthine angel and is dedicated and entitled to her in her words, ‘In Love and Light’.

“Allowing myself time to breathe and not push to hard, instead only to be pulled by spirit ” Kathryn Black


“In Love & Light is like an Andrew Wyeth painting–subtle & exquisite; universally accessible; finely layered with both beauty and meaning.” -B. Kelly Lunar Events