Vexed – The Remixes

Vexed - The Remixes


  1. 1Jette-Ives - Vexed - Oko Tek Mix
  2. 2Jette-Ives - Vexed - Oko Tek Dub
  3. 3Jette-Ives - Vexed - Holmes Ives remix
  4. 4Jette-Ives - Vexed - Fogelgren and Ives Mix

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Remixes from Ives, Oko Tek and Scott Fogelgren this remix single of Vexed brings Jette-Ives to the club dance floor. There was just something about Jette’s voice on this song that begged it to be remixed for the club. It’s dark, dirty, sultry temptation is perfect for what the late night enthusiast desires. Do check out the original mix on the Jette-Ives album ‘In the Deep’!