This a chill downtempo mix of remixes and unreleased originals from my label OVA Records. There are some nice gems in here so please have a listen when you want to chill out, relax or light some candles and enjoy the incense…

About the mixes:
No Rain- was composed by Holmes Ives and Seroya in one of the few collaborations that they did together. More music from Seroya including her new album can be found at Sophie & Ives Awaken Instrumental (unreleased) was the original mix that Ives sent to Sophie as a love letter expressing his feelings for her. She then sat with it for days and wrote lyrics and recorded them and sent it back to Ives which spawned there album ‘Untie Me’. Lagrimas Negras (unreleased) was composed in December of 2002. Ives had not written a song in over a month as he was waiting for the news as to whether he and his lover were to still be together… the night he got the news that she was in love with someone else, Lagrimas Negras came like a waterfall of tears. Another version of Lagrimas Negras can be found on Holmes Ives presents ‘In Love & Light’. Vocalise is a collaboration between Holmes Ives and Amy Domingues. They have recorded many classical pieces together and have released them on several compilation. This composition by Rachmaninoff is an unreleased treasure in the OVA library.

Track Listing:
1. Holmes Ives feat Laura Burhenn – Charcoal Love – Tad Hutchinson Remix
2. Holmes Ives feat Seroya – Where You Are – Sherlock on Opium Remix
3. Sophie & Ives – Awaken – Scott Folgelgren Remix
4. Seroya & Ives – No Rain (unreleased)
5. Jette-Ives – The Sum of Us – Tad Hutchinson Remix
6. Holmes Ives feat Seroya – Kuanos
7. Holmes Ives feat Laura Burhenn- Charcoal Love – Ives’ Diamond Mix
8. Sophie & Ives – Awaken – Instrumental Mix (unreleased)
9. Holmes Ives feat Susan Oetgen – Lagrimas Negras – Black Tears Mix (unreleased)
10. Jette-Ives – In the Presence of – D-Fault Remix
11. Domingues & Ives – Vocalise


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